Let’s hold hands together and find better ways to fight the coronavirus, says Chief Operations Commissioner


Chief Operations Commissioner (COC), Mr. Mandla Mkabela has called on DCS staff to pull together in finding better ways to fight against the coronavirus.

“Although we have seen some challenges in certain areas, this is not the time to fight amongst ourselves. Our approach in these trying times should be to ensure that we hold hands together in finding better ways to close the grey areas, in order to prevent and combat the rapid spread of the virus,” he said.

As part of his Covid-19 operational visits across the country, which started from 18 April 2020, Mr. Mkabela conducted an impromptu visit to Klerksdorp Correctional Centre, Gauteng Region, recently to assess levels of compliance with Department of Correctional Services (DCS) protocols. Another objective of his unannounced visit was to get a true picture of operations at centre level.

The COC alluded to the Department’s Covid-19 response plan and standard operating procedures. Hence, centre visits enabled monitoring and evaluation of adherence thereof. He said that, although certain centres are implementing best practices in preventing and combating the spread of the virus, non-compliance by others poses a threat of a rapid spread.


Area Commissioner, Minah Maile briefed the COC on various interventions in place in the management area. Head of Centre, Mr Mthuthuzeli Kampi showed Mr. Mkabela the identified quarantine sites and isolation areas. The COC commended Klerksdorp for being prompt in ensuring that no person enters the facilities beyond the access control gate without being screened, and said his visit to Klerksdorp made him realise how well the management area has prepared for any eventuality that may arise during the coronavirus pandemic.

The COC applauded all DCS staff who are working tirelessly against the coronavirus.


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