DCS Bethlehem keeping the homeless warm


DCS officials from Bethlehem Correctional Centre (CC), in partnership with InspectaCar, have embarked on an initiative to keep homeless people warm during this winter season, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thirty four (34) beneficiaries received a donation of shoes, underwear, socks, heaters and hot meals. Bethlehem CC Staff Support Head, Ntsoaki Chaka said that officials were able to raise funds from their CC monthly poverty alleviation projects.

“When we received information that there were homeless people at a shelter at the showgrounds, and knowing the frosty, bitterly cold weather conditions the area experiences during winter, we immediately thought of how we could make their lives as comfortable as possible,” said Klienbooi Ntobo, Head of the Correctional Centre (HCC).

The HCC encouraged the recipients to always keep their surroundings clean, wear their cloth face masks, wash their hands, sanitise and practise safe distancing. Bethlehem CC staff also distributed Covid-19 information leaflets to residents at the shelter.

Mr Erick Rhamncwana, from the Department of Social Development who are custodians of the facilities where homeless persons are sheltered during the coronavirus pandemic, expressed sincere gratitude for the selflessness of DCS officials and InspectaCar representatives.


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