Correctional Services to benefit from plans to transform Kokstad into a Smart City


The office the Mayor of the Greater Kokstad Municipality, hosted meeting with various government departments and entities including the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), Public Works and Infrastructure, Justice and Constitutional Development, Harry Gwala District, with the aim to solicit endorsement, prioritization and fiscal allocation to enable the establishment of a government and Judicial precinct in the Greater Kokstad Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). It is envisaged that the development will serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Government Precinct: for the establishment of sector departments as means to reduce government spent on rentals.
  • KwaZulu-Natal High Court, Kokstad: to strengthen the judicial system, ensure ease of access and reduce travel distance between existing facilities, and streamline cases to reduce backlog.
  • The expansion of the existing eBhongweni Maximum Security Correctional Centre.
  • Development of a Rehabilitation and Reintegration Centre. A facility of this nature is currently absent, and with the rise of substance abuse related crimes, and influx of vagrants, the socio-economic dynamic requires priority. In addition, the absence of a Family Advocate office to respond to gender-based and related matters has been identified as an essential need.

Municipal Manager, Sipho Zwane said this ground-breaking development is in sync with the vision to transform Kokstad into a Smart City. Zwane committed that the municipality will soon present a project plan with clear timelines in this regard. He said Kokstad municipality has already started working with DCS on a cleaning project through the use of offender labour.


The local Mayor, Cllr Bheki Mtolo said that a blueprint plan was already developed to transform Kokstad into a thriving smart city. “In 2016, we formulated a 30-year plan with the vision to turn Kokstad into a smart city by 2046,” he said. He highlighted that the research was conducted which showed that efficient and well-coordinated government institutions are the launchpad to the realisation of their vision. He said that what sets Kokstad apart is hard work and an unflinching commitment to good ethics. He thanked the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola for his prompt and positive response to their request as Greater Kokstad Municipality. “This is the advantage of having young and agile leadership,” he said.

Acting National Commissioner, Makgothi Thobakgale committed to utilizing the available land next to eBhongweni Maximum Correctional Centre for the expansion of the Super Maximum Correctional Centre. “We will write back to the municipality stating that we have a need of the land to build a kitchen, and for self-sufficiency and sustainability activities,” he outlined. The Super Maximum facility currently does not have a kitchen to prepare food for offenders. The food is prepared at Medium Correctional Centre, and transported to eBhongweni thereafter. He emphasized that the arable land will also be utilized for self-sufficiency and sustainability initiatives such as farming. Commissioner Thobakgale was optimistic that this development project will generate other long-term benefits for DCS, including the allocation of land for the construction of a Community Corrections office.


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