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Area Commissioner:

HA Mbewe
Head of Centre:

R Ndambakuwa
Anderson Street, Louis Trichardt
P/Bag X2214, Louis Trichardt, 0920
Tel: 015 516 2251/5/65
Fax: 015 516 2320
Makhado Correctional Centre was named after the Venda King Makhado (Tshilwavhusiku tsha ha-Ramabulana) widely known as the Lion of the North. It is situated in the town of Makhado under Vhembe district municipality in Limpopo Province. It is in the far northern part of South Africa a few kilometers from Beit Bridge Border Gate of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is in this Vhembe area where you will enjoy nature at its best. If you visit Tswime Mountain you will enjoy the sight of the breathing stone and on one end of this mountain you will experience joy taking a bath in the hot spa.  This is the home of Boabab trees most of which are more than a million years of age. 

Centre is one of the oldest in South Africa and it was originally constructed of large stone bricks, hence it is affectionately called Tomboni (stone house), by the local people.  As more space for offenders was in need, corrugated iron was used to extend it.  The Centre was once again rebuilt and the old stone structure was demolished and replaced by modern building with more space.  The corrugated structure still forms part of the new one which was completed in 1998. 

Makhado Correctional Centre is a medium correctional facility that houses male offenders of minimum security classification.  The Centre is managed in terms of the principle of unit management.  Although the centre is a traditionally built structure which poses a challenge of the implementation unit management it was divided into sections which allow full implementation.  There is admission unit for newly admitted offenders, housing unit for offender who were already assessed and ready for rehabilitation programmes.  This housing unit is the point where things are happening in as far as rehabilitation is concerned.  All the operations are done according to the daily structured programme which indicate all the activities of offenders and programmes for each day and their providers.  In this unit offenders are divided amongst case officers into small manageable groups so that their progress is monitored successfully.  Cells are used as small groups with case officers responsible for each group.  There is also further charge unit, nutrition unit as well as the unsentenced unit.  There is also a release unit which is attached to admission unit where offenders are prepared for their successful freedom.  The hospital unit can accommodate 20 inmates at a time.  The sizes of these units differ. 

The Centre is equipped with modern security system inter alia, CCTV cameras that monitor every movement for 24 hours.  Entry into the centre requires swiping of a card and putting a finger on the biometric system, a finger reading facility.  Personal details of any person entering are recorded in the card and the biometric system is the one that recognizes the card holder against his finger prints.  This system is operated from the control room by officials for 24 hours.  The structure is surrounded by the modern-day state-of-the-art security fence that is also electrified to tighten security.  There is also a walk through detector.

Nearest Police Station Nearest Municipality Nearest Court

Community Corrections Office:

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III Phase Behaviour Modification Programme: Education & Training Programmes Sport & Recreation Culture Social Work Programmes Spiritual Programs
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Phase I - Admission; Orientation & Assessment;
Phase II - housing & intervention;
Phase III - Preparation for re-integration and readiness for release.
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level 1 to 4;
Grade 12;
Tertiary studies;
Skills development
Mini library;
Traditional dances such as Malende, Tshifasi, Xigubu and Tshikona Click to view more
Life skills;
HIV/AIDS counselling;
Death counselling;
Strengthening ties between an offender with family;
Finding families of those offenders who loose contact with their families
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Church services;
Correspondence Bible study;

Security Level:

Makhado is a medium security classified facility. Offenders whose security status poses danger to other offenders are classified maximum and are sent to Thohoyandou Maximum Unit.


Approved: 324
The Centre is overpopulated and more officials are still needed to make the system of Unit Management more effective and beneficial.

Visiting Hours:

Sentenced Offenders:
Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays - 08h30 to 15h45
Unsentenced Offenders:
Tuesdays, Thursdays - 8h30 to 15h45
Visits are managed in terms of privilege group an offender is placed in. There are A, B and C privilege groups.  Medical/Nursing Services:
Makhado Correctional facility has a hospital unit that can accommodate 20 patients. The Centre is currently having three professional nurses. The Hospital Unit has consulting rooms for visiting medical doctor. A general practitioner visits the Centre once a week on Thursdays. Special medical cases are referred to either Elim or Makhado Hospitals. Some cases are referred to the provincial hospital in Polokwane. Dental cases are referred to Makhado District Clinic. Nurses are always available during the day and available on standby after hours.

Housing and Intervention Stage:
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Pre-release and Social Integration Stage:
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Directions to facility:

From Polokwane:
Follow the N1 that leads to the North. Concentrate on the road signs and you will see Makhado in bold white. You will drive for 100km from Polokwane your destination. When you are about 4km away on the N1 you will pass the cross junction to Elim. Proceed and pass the junction to Kutama/Sinthumule Correctional Centre. Proceed to the four-way stop and pass the road that enters Eltivillas on your right and goes to Vivo on your left.  Proceed to another four-way stop and turn to the right.  You will be on Songozwi Street.  Drive through Songozwi and pass six streets.  The seventh street is Anderson.  Turn right on Anderson and you will be 300m away.  Concentrate on your left and you will pass a military battalion and next will be Makhado Correctional Centre. 

From Giyani:
You go via Elim Hospital.  You will drive for about 20km to the N1 and follow the direction supra. 

From Zimbabwe:
You will only go via Musina on the N1 and drive about 95km.  When you enter Makhado pass the traffic circle and proceed straight towards the four-way stop and you will turn right on Songozwi Street and follow the direction above. 

From Kruger National Park:
Use Makhado/Pundo Maria road.  Pass Thohoyandou and drive for 70km and you will arrive in Makhado.  Go straight and pass the N1 road.  You will be on Songozwi Street.  Follow the direction supra.