1.1 Mission

Paving the way for Corrections in the Sub-Region and Africa to continually deliver in accordance with both the dynamics of professional requirements and the obtaining socio-economic and cultural conditions in Africa, through Governmental and Non-Governmental cooperation, collaboration and engineering within the sub-region, the African continent and worldwide.

1.2 Vision

To become the front runners and nucleus of Correctional professional development in the African Continent and one of the leading Correctional development organizations in the world.

1.3 Objectives

The objectives of ACSA shall be to:

  • Promote cooperation among the participating Core Members.
  • Make specific recommendations to governments and multilateral associations for action.
  • Identify common operational matters for discussion and further action as may be required.
  • Share and exchange expertise, knowledge, skills and research results.
  • Promote Human Resources Development.
  • Improve conditions of service of correctional/prison services personnel.
  • Improve management in correctional/prison services.
  • Promote international interaction and collaboration in respect of correctional/prison services.
  • Promote human rights and international norms and standards in correctional/prison services.
  • Promote technical assistance and co-operation.
  • Promote law reform.
  • Promote correctional/prison services in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Promote cultural contact.
  • Promote correctional/prison services in post-conflict reconstruction.